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Chef Amy’s passion is to help others discover the joy of creating their own culinary delights. There is great joy in helping someone discover how easy it can be to create beautiful, delicious and creative dishes with just a few ingredients and a shared culinary secret or two. Classes can be held in a variety of settings: Cooking Parties, Private Classes or Public Venues.

Facility: Classes can be held in your home, or in Chef Amy’s kitchen.


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  • Looking for a new way to enjoy the company of friends? How about a Cooking Party for a group of 4 to 6? Chef Amy specializes in creating custom classes based on your personal interests. Based on the information provided to Chef Amy, she will create a custom class complete with a customized recipe book, all equipment, all food stuffs, platters and utensils for serving, hands on cooking time for you and your friends. At the end of the 2 ½ class you will also enjoy the fruits of your labors as you sit down to enjoy the delicacies you have not only learned to create in the class, but have mastered!

  • Similar to our Cooking Parties, Private Classes are meant to serve the up and coming inner Chef in us all. While the format of the services provided is like the Cooking Parties described above, Private Classes are aimed at an audience of 1 to 2 individuals and provide intense one-on-one instruction in a variety of culinary techniques. Eager to learn how to make the perfect pasta? How about mastering the art of Puff Pastry? Click Here for a listing of some of the many classes Chef Amy has shared with her clients recently.

  • Chef Amy’s passion for sharing the tricks of the culinary world with others is one that provides her with the opportunity to teach in a variety of local stores, community centers and churches. Each of Chef Amy’s classes provide participants with a full recipe book of the foods prepared, samplings of all dishes listed in the recipe book and lots of opportunity to quiz the Chef ! Click Here for a listing of upcoming event locations.


Sometimes you want to be a guest at your own party instead of the host that spends the party frantically dashing from table to guest to the bar, never having an opportunity to spend time with all those friends you’ve invited into your home. Whether your gathering includes 6 of your closest friends in for cocktails and finger foods, or 50 for dinner Chef Amy will work with you to create a menu tailored to your exacting specifications. Click here to see some of our past menu's. If interested please contact Amy for more info.


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The ultimate in casual catering, Chef Amy’s Party In a Box is the solution to your party planning wish list. Working closely with you, Chef Amy will customize a menu to you and your guests, carefully prepare all menu items which are then plated (additional servings also packaged for quick re-fills), labeled with storage and/or re-heating directions and deliver your delectable menu to your door step. All you have left to do is open the doors, pour the wine and take credit for the exceptional food you are serving!


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Every life needs a little romance from time to time. Most of us struggle with finding new, creative ways to set the mood and show someone just how special they are to us. Chef Amy has your solution! What better way to show someone how special they are than to have a personal Chef arrive at your door with a customized 5 course meal, antique china and silverware and candles? Click Here for sample menus. Interested in setting up your Romance Dinner? Click Here to send your inquiry to Chef Amy today.


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Five years ago Chef Amy lost a remarkable 78 lbs! Having kept the weight off and always aiming to increase the total and shed those last 20 lbs., Chef Amy has developed a number of creative solutions to make healthy eating a joyful experience. If you are looking for ways to remove unhealthy foods, fats/additives from your diet and enhance the flavors of your food through the understanding of how to use healthy fats, seasonings and spices and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Interested in learning a few healthy eating techniques?


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Imagine the luxury of having your own Personal Chef for an afternoon! Chef Amy specializes in creating exceptional dishes, tailored to your food preferences, potential allergies or specific dietary needs. Chef Amy will customize a menu to your requested preferences, shop for organic, heirloom and local ingredients and will then prepare those dishes in your own home – packaged and ready to be eaten at your leisure. Chef Amy is committed to leaving your kitchen as clean as she found it! Give us a call at 805-216-6828 to learn more about this service.


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Imagine the simple joy of having ONE MEAL (or more) per week planned, shopped, prepared and delivered…ready to be heated and enjoyed. One or more glorious nights a week to share a meal composed with organic, heirloom and locally sourced ingredients – designed to be savored with the company of your family. This affordable luxury is one that can become a recurring event in your household. Our monthly subscription service saves you from 10 to 15% per meal vs. non-member meal orders. Click here for current and past menus.


*Prices may vary. Ask Amy a Question