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We all wish for the day we are able to find the resources, passion and courage to live the life we were meant to have versus the one we seem to be living. Finding the courage required to be who we were meant to be versus the person we believe others expect us to be can be a seemingly impossible hurdle. And then it happens. You begin to speak of your dream to loved ones, friends and anyone who will hold still long enough for you to paint the picture of your future, and suddenly, it becomes real.


Offered in a Variety of Settings

Cooking Parties, Private Classes or Public Venues - Chef Amy's customized classes are meant to serve the up and coming inner Chef in us all.


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Nutrition is key to a Healthy Life

Chef Amy has developed a number of creative solutions to make healthy eating a joyful experience. Click below to learn more about our Gluten Free services.


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Personalized Meals at Home

Chef Amy specializes in creating exceptional dishes, tailored to your food preferences, potential allergies or specific dietary needs.


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